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Our Instructors

The McHale School of Irish Dance was founded to offer classes, affordable classes, to children five years old and older.  Classes offer a wide range of levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Classes are currently taught in Lutherville, Maryland.

Students learn all the aspects of Traditional Irish Dancing in a fun-loving environment.  Some students opt to compete in a FEIS (competition) while others love the performance opportunities.  No matter what a child's passion may be, we support each student's goals.

Student Instructors

We have students that assist with beginner classes. This helps to break-up groups and provides a better pace for individual students to learn. It also allows us to keep those advancing quickly challenged.

The younger students enjoy spending time with the advanced dancers.  We find they become a role model and encourage the students to strive to learn more with the hopes that they too will someday help in a beginner class.

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